C.A Munro Limited’s open account payment terms are as follows: 1% 10 net 30 days

For those customers who wish to use G. E. Commercial that option is also available.


C.A. Munro’s “Order Release Policy” requires invoices over 45 days and balances exceeding the prescribed credit limit to be paid prior to shipping. We recognize special circumstances arise on occasion which may require an exception to the aforementioned policy. If such were ever the case, it would be necessary to call the undersigned to ensure shipments are not disrupted. C.A. Munro Limited looks forward to your co-operation in this matter.


  1. First come, First served
  2. No Back Orders!!!
  3. No hold for later shipping – All shipments are immediate – No exceptions
  4. What you see is what you get! NO WARRANTY. (If it is not perfect……. SORRY!!)
  5. Regular freight policy applies


  1. Freight damage and shipping shortages are the dealer’s responsibility to settle with the shipping company.
  2. Legally, invoicing passes title or ownership of goods from C.A. Munro Limited to the dealer. Once C.A. Munro Limited loads the product onto the truck and invoices, the goods become the property of the dealer.
  3. Freight damage concealed or otherwise is the responsibility of the owner of the goods (the dealer). All freight claims must be filed by the owner of the goods against the freight company. C.A. Munro Limited CANNOT file claims on behalf of the dealer on goods they do not own.
  4. If the dealer refuses goods at their dock because of damage, they must mark the waybill accordingly and file a claim against the carrier. The goods belong to the dealer. Refusal does not transfer ownership back to C.A. Munro Limited, and C.A. Munro Limited requires payment for the goods.
  5. Shipping shortages must be noted on the waybill at the time of receiving. If shortages are not noted on the waybill and the goods have been signed for free and clear, there is no recourse for compensation for shortages from the shipping company or C.A. Munro Limited. The goods belong to the dealer.

Effective: November 2007

Updated: October 2015
C.A. Munro Limited does not profess to sell perfect furniture. Our commitment to the dealer is to provide quality furniture at a competitive price. Perfection cannot be expected because of the material used in furniture products. Wood and Leather are not perfect raw materials.

It is part of the dealer’s function to service our products. A reasonable amount of deluxing is the dealer’s responsibility. It is our recommendation that merchandise be inspected and deluxed prior to delivery to customer. Product should not be delivered in original packaging.

C.A. Munro Limited accepts no responsibility for any damages if the product has not been opened inspected by the dealer prior to customer delivery/pick up.


  1. C.A. Munro Limited’s Warranty (Unless Otherwise Specified) IS A ONE YEAR “REPAIR WARRANTY” AGAINST MANUFACTURERS DEFECT (SEE #5). C.A. Munro Limited will supply available warranty parts at no charge with the dealer’s next order. If product is out of warranty or not covered by warranty the dealer will becharged for parts.
  2. Pictures are required. Both of the defect and the whole item.
  3. All Repairs must have an estimate and be authorized by C.A. Munro Limited.
  4. Labor rates are capped at $25.00 per hour.
  5. We reserve the right to have upholstery returned to C.A. Munro Limited for local repairs and then return repaired product to the dealer.
  6. Warranty Does not include:
  • Fabric wear, ripped or torn seams or fabric
  • Customer abuse and/or misuse
  • Improper care
  • Treatment or fabric protection voids a warranty
  • Damages sustained while in dealer’s warehouse or in transit from dealer to customer
  • Product over 1 year old including product in dealers stock as we have no control over how product was moved or handled
  • Freight damage concealed or otherwise
  • Incorrect assembly of any product voids warranty
  • The use of power tools to assemble any C.A. Munro Limited furniture voids all warranty


  • The natural stretching, markings, wrinkling variations in leather grain or color resulting from the natural features of leather.
  • Damages caused by burns, cuts, animals or other forms of abuse
  • Improper cleaning or application of chemical products, treatments, cleaners or conditioners
  • Exposure of leather to direct sunlight, extreme heat, bright light or similar conditions
  • Damages caused by corrosive materials such as acids or solvents, or dyes, inks, paints or body fluids.



To streamline manufacturers warranty processes, C.A. Munro Limited requires the following information for ALL claimsin order to service you efficiently.

  1. Complete model number
  2. Complete description of the item including color
  3. Is OR was the product in a customer’s home? If so, the customer bill of sale is required.
  4. Detailed description of the manufacturers warranty defect.
  5. Pictures are required. Picture requirements include a picture of the COMPLETE ITEM, and a picture of the manufacturers defect.

C.A. Munro Limited is not the manufacturer. All warranties processed via C.A. Munro Limited are manufacturer’s warranties. The above information is required by all of C.A. Munro Limited’s suppliers. Warranty claims submitted to C.A. Munro Limited without all of the above information CANNOT be processed.


  1. Pictures are required. Both of the defect and the whole item.
  2. Returns must have appropriate paperwork filled out completely with dealer signature and C.A. Munro Limited authorized R/A number.
  3. Product sent back without appropriate paperwork will not be accepted at our dock and freight is at the dealers’ expense.
  4. ALL products returned are for inspection. A credit is not guaranteed, and C.A. Munro Limited will return product to dealer if the issue with the product is not warranty related.


Leather is a natural product and as such will always bear the marks of its natural origin. The features of genuine leather, which may be read as the natural surface markings, scars, wrinkles, insect bites, veining, graining and color variations represents the best evidence of authenticity and cannot be considered as defects. Softening of cushioning and stretching should be expected with normal use and is not to be confused with loss of resiliency due to defects in construction of materials.


Periodically dust your furniture with a clean, dry soft cloth.

For stains from soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk chocolat es, oil, grease, cosmetics, and foundation cream: removed the excess liquid from the surface by wiping with a clean cloth or absorbent paper. With a clean cloth, moisten with water only and gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. DO NOT soak the leather surface and dry immediately with a clean cloth. DO NOT dry leather in sunlight or by using a hairdryer.

When water in not enough and this happens rarely, repeat this process with a cloth soaked in a mild solution of water and neutral soap.

Avoid placing your furniture close to heat sources, such as heaters or radiators and to maintain the leather’s natural color, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or powerful lamps.

Caution: The use of non-recommended cleaners could irreparably damage the leather, causing cracks and discoloration.


Wooden bed frames are common and fairly easy to set up. The bed frame consists of a headboard and a footboard and two side rails. In addition, the box spring is supported by a series of wood slats.

Bed slats, are particularly important on wooden frame beds for added strength. The slats are the flat, horizontal boards that stretch across a bed frame and rest on the left and right rails. The slats serve to distribute the weight of the box spring, the mattress and any people on the bed. Setting up wood bed slats properly involves spacing and attaching them to the bed rails correctly.


Place the wooden bed frame in the location of the room where you want it to rest after assembly. It is very difficult to move the bed after assembly.

Examine the provided slats to determine how many there are and determine the proper spacing for each slat and mark out spacing. (1 in the center and one evenly spaced between head/foot and the center slat on either side.)


Attach the support feet/legs into the center of the slats, this should come predrilled (may have a T Nut or thread insert to hold support feet in tightly).Making sure that the T Nut is facing up so that it can not pull through.

Note: If support feet/legs are not threaded correctly, this may cause feet/legs to slip out and thus not supporting side rails and cracking of side rails may occur.


Place the first slat closest to the head board aligning it on top of the chalkmark on both the left and right rail. Install each additional slat on top of the chalk marks all the way down the rails to the foot board. Slats should be predrilled, ensure they are facing up correctly.

Pull rails in slightly so slats are tight against rails when screwing in slats to ensure snug fit. Make sure to not screw to close to the edge, this will help prevent splitting.


On the bottom of the support feet/leg there is a leveling foot. This can be adjusted as needed as not all floors are even. To ensure there is no stress or bending of the slats ensure this is flush with the floor before placing Box spring.

Assemble the remainder of the bed by placing the box spring on top of the slats, followed by the mattress.

Please note incorrect assembly of any product voids any warranty.